Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A dose of cuteness

First, a cute story.  The other night as Dave & I were heading to bed he went in to check on her.  She needed a diaper change, so her got her out of the crib and went to work.  For the first time, she was really talking in her sleep (as opposed to that one time she was signing in her sleep).  I could hear her from down the hall---little sweet noises "Ada lala.  A da. Ba ba da." etc.  So super adorable.  Dave said that she never opened her eyes, just kind of chattered a bit and then went right back to sleep.

Second, a cute video.  This one is care of Maya's preschool teacher, and features her holding hands and walking with her new little buddy, Elijah.  (Thanks also to Elijah's mom, who gave permission to share the video here---I always check in with other parents before sharing stuff.)  I think it's hilarious how the women in the background are trying to kind of promote chivalry by asking him to slow down and be gentle because she's a girl :)  (Maya clearly couldn't care less).  And I love whoever says "Come on, woman" because, well, that's exactly what I would have said if I was there!

I think I need to get Elijah to teach me some tricks, because she doesn't hold my hand that easily when we're out and about.



Erica said...

they are on a mission! too cute!

PaytonC said...

Adorable! Maybe she doesn't hold your hand like that because you're not a cute little boy... ;)

Unknown said...

I couldn't really tell if either of them were enjoying that walk :) I love the days when I get to go into my daughter's preschool and help because its fun seeing our littles interact with their peers. So interesting!

julia n said...

Oh!!! I miss those little people!! How I loved that little school and class. Such a fantastic video. They are really truckin. Both have come so far in a year.