Thursday, February 9, 2012

Remember me?

My name is Dana, and I used to write things here.

Hello again :)

Here's what happened:

Maya got sick.  It wasn't anything major, just a virus (fever and coughing), but she had to miss a few days of school because the long, napless school day (7:15-3:15) just isn't fair for a wiped out little girl.  The thing is she wasn't sleep-all-day sick, she was high maintenance sick (cuddle me, scratch my back, turn on the tv, no-don't-leave-sit-with-me).  So I spent most of the daylight hours coddling her and as soon as she was asleep, I was working (a plus of working from home is that I can get in my work whenever I need to). 

She's been back at school since Tuesday and I've been busily trying to restore order to our home and making up some hours for work.  Yesterday I started to eye the blog, much in the same way that a lapsed execiser eyes the gym---Hey there . . . I remember you . . . we used to have good times together, right?  I'm thinking about coming back . . .but not just yet.  Maybe tomorrow.

So this is just a get-back-into-the-gym post.  Just testing the waters. 

Remembering how to sit for a few minutes and write something.
It's nice to be back :)

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Unknown said...

Welcome back! I had a similar post after a round of illness at our house.