Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day(ish)

Back in the PM days (that's Pre-Maya) I couldn't have cared less about Valentine's Day.  First, I'm not an overly romantic gal.  Second, the whole forced-day-of-love thing didn't make me warm & fuzzy. 

However, now that Maya's around, I celebrate every day possible.  Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Labor Day, the Ides of March . . . whatever.  Give me an excuse to do something slightly festive and indulge her a bit and I'm on it. 

I was so ready to celebrate with some low-level craftiness*  . . .  Maya, however, embraced her toddlerhood and had no follow-through, so we ended up with "mostly finished low-level crafts."  Eh.

*low-level craftiness means that the projects are fun and kill some time, but aren't Pinterest uploadable. All of my craftiness is low-level.

First project--make valentines for Maya's classmates.

We got off to a strong start: 

 Painting on rolled-out IKEA paper that I had taped to the coffee table.

Right after I took that picture Maya asked to wash her hands, and then the game was over.  Twice she ran back to the paper, put paint on her hands, and then told me again she needed to wash them.  Painting, done.

While she was at school today I cut the painted paper into little hearts.  After school we worked together to glue them onto construction paper squares.  The final step was to add little sparkly hearts, but Maya wandered away and I decided that I wasn't going to sit on the floor gluing hearts by myself, so that was the end of that.

The one on the right is one of 3 valentines that managed to get adorned with shiny hearts.

Next, we baked cookies.  (The low-level craftiness version of "baking" involves boxed cookies from the refrigerated section of the grocery store.) 

She was SO excited to put them on the pan . . .

 . . . and SO excited to watch them cook . . .

 . . . but when it came time to eat them, she just wandered off again.  We're sending them into school tomorrow.  Also, tomorrow is the class's Valentine's Day party and little Miss Maya is going to get all dressed up.  It's going to be adorable :)



Amber said...

Those hearts are adorable and I love seeing the pictures of Maya so excited!

Sarah said...

Cute! I can't wait to see pics of her all dressed up tomorrow!

Clara Harmonson said...

She looks so happy and adorable! Love your blog!

laurelsmom said...

wow - your idea of low level craftiness is pretty high level if you ask me. You dont give yourself enough credit. Me...I bought premade valentines thinking "we" could color (scribble) on them. Toddler non interest got us too. So... I just have sad little premade cards that wont get mailed. That may even qualify me for NO level craftiness.

Little Mama Murphy said...

Wow,if thats low level, I'm nearer to no- level! How excited does she look? Love it. Evn if it does make me look like a rubbish mum. Off to buy some card tomorrow.