Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's a December tradition here on the blog . . .

December (aka the best month ever) kind of slid right past me this year.  We had  the trip to Yale, the start of my new job, the assistive tech re-evaluation, training on my new job, and the most amazing fundraiser ever . . . and suddenly it's already Dec. 8th.  I've got to get on the ball. 
Here's why December is the best:
1.  It can possibly snow in December.  I am over-the-moon-crazy-excited when it snows.
2.  December smells good.  The air is crisp--outside it smells like snow and fireplaces and inside it smells like pine and cinnamon. 
3.  There is no prettier way to light a room than with a lit up Christmas tree.
4.  It's basically the only month of the year when I bake.  And then I have an excuse to eat baked things.
5.  Giving people presents is super fun.
6.  People are happier.  I mean, they're a little crazy too (especially in retail arenas) but generally, people are just more merry.
7.  City streets look like enchanted places when trees and balconies are strung up with lights.
8.  Christmas carols sound like home.
9.  My birthday is the week before Christmas, and I love the fact that everyone is really excited that week.
10.  Christmas morning will always feel like the most magical morning of the year.

This year brings the added bonus that Maya is kind of old enough to "get it."  Last year she was in love with Santa, but she still had no idea what his deal is.  This year I think that if we talk about it enough she might actually understand.    She's loving the tree, and the holiday crafts we've been doing (more to come on those tomorrow).  It's really fun!

If you're new to the blog, you might not know that holiday cards are kind of our thing.  We try to come up with something cute and different every year, and I love sending them out.  Last year I shared the cards from holidays past---and I'm going to make that a December tradition.  We'll do 2008- 2009- 2010 -and then this year's card  (I can't wait to share it).

Without further ado, Maya's first ever holiday card (2008):

Yes, I really put her in a pot. Yes, it was really on the stove. She couldn't move, the burners weren't on, and she was (clearly) having fun. So don't hate mail me.

Happy December, everyone :)


Cheryl (in Buffalo) said...

I can't wait to se this year's card!! I sent you a quick email tonight....(iuv2...).....Cheryl

RebekahPeterson said...

The only "hate" mail I could possibly send is I'm jealous that I didn't think of this! It's so stinkin' cute!!! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see the rest.