Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Behind the scenes: The making of the 2011 Holiday Card

Background info:  The photo shoot was done in our living room, on the floor (sans dropcloth---it seem like a good idea, but we would have been tripping on it, and I don't think it would have contained the mess, anyway).  The backdrop was holiday stuff that we tape to the back of our couch (with black duct tape).  We took 233 pictures.  The clean up is an ongoing effort---when I dust, I'm still finding flour.  It keeps going airborne and redistributing. 

All pictures will be enlarged if you double click (I think).

In the beginning things were festive, but flourless . . .

(sprinkling flour)

 Then, the stage was set . . .

And the talent was brought in . . .

Maya: What is this stuff?
Parker: Guys, this seems like a very bad idea.

Maya: This is fantastic!
Parker:  (gulp)

Maya: I think I could be very naughty with this stuff.  Hee hee!
Parker: I think I'm hyperventilating.

Parker: Save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

This flour is so slippery!

She had some fun shaking the bag . . .

and then moved on to dumping.

This is the most fun I've ever had!
(that's Maya talking, not Parker.  In case you can't tell)

Maya: Daddy!  I need more flour!
Parker: Please no. 

Maya: Whoa!
Parker: Seriously, are you guys seeing this?

Maya:  Hey Mommy, are you watchin' me?
Parker: Yeah, is anyone watching?  Anyone? 

Maya:  Woot woot!  Can a girl get some more flour up in here?!
(note Parker seeming to stretch as far as he can away from her)


Parker: I can't believe they really gave you more.  Everyone has lost their mind.

When Dave wasn't quick enough to refill the bag, Maya took matters into her own hands:

Maya: Fine, I'll do it myself.
Parker: Someone needs to cut her off.

Maya: FUNNEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Parker: We're done, right?  Please say we're done.

The aftermath:

 (fancy lighting, right?)

    Ended with a great-job-Maya kiss from Daddy :)


Sophia’s unique world said...

You guys are awesome! Maya sure had the time of her life!

Just the Tip said...

lol you're very brave. I think it's great you get crazy and do stuff like that, I feel like the majority of people would be all, "OH NO! not on my floors!" but in reality we both now how much more important other things are than spotless floors!

GP said...

I can't tell you how much I love this.

Padgett Mozingo said...

priceless...in every way!!! Merry Christmas to your wonderful family!

urbanrhetoric said...

love it! the card is hanging in our living room and everyone who sees it just loves it...happy holidays!

Joyce said...

I'm pretty sure King Arthur or Gold Medal will sponsor next year's card! Also, does Parker have a stocking(s)?

Katie said...

That was so awesome. I think my husband would kill me if I suggested it but it was super fun watching Maya through the pictures. And you captions made me laugh out loud.

Unknown said...

A couple of those pictures Parker almost blends in with the flour. I agree with the other commenters...you are so incredibly brave, both of you. Way to go Maya, you made a great Christmas card :)

Ellen Seidman said...

Cracking up! I hope Parker has recovered.

rameelin said...

I adored this! Way to go Maya!!!

Cathy Mealey said...

God love you Parker! May there be a big meaty bone under the tree for you this year!!

Merry Christmas!

marie clare said...

Parker is a champ!!!! Our dog would have hightailed it out of there lol

james said...

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