Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It's me, Maya.  I think we need to clear the air.

This year, when Mom & Dad brought me to visit you, I was excited.  They told me that you were coming, and I was happy.  I've been practicing saying your name all month!  ("Sssss!")

This is us---do you remember?

And then I heard your jingly bells and I looked up and suddenly, you were there!  I couldn't believe it!

Santa!  It's really you!

But then . . .well, Santa, I don't really know what happened.  I mean, I had been waiting for to see you for a long time.  But when my big moment came, I got a little scared.

And then  . . . then I got a lot scared.

And you were so nice to me, and talked to me about my Christmas wishes, and whispered nice things . . .

 . . . but I still liked you a little better from a distance.

But there's something you should know.  I'm still a big fan.  As a matter of fact, I couldn't believe that you had given me a present for visiting you!  I was amazed.

 It made me want to shout, "Santa's #1!"

So, I hope there are no hard feelings, Santa.  Parker and I are really, really excited for you to come visit.  All day long, Mom and Dad were asking me, "Maya, do you remember who's coming tonight?" and I would say, "Sss!" (As if I could forget you were coming.  Ha!)

I got things all ready for you.  First, I put some cookies on a special plate that I made with my friends at preschool.

Then, Daddy said that maybe this year we should leave sugar for the reindeer (we used to leave hay, but we thought they maybe could use a little extra energy).  I thought that sugar was a great idea!

Like, a really, really great idea!!!

I helped to scatter it around the plate so that all of the reindeer can get a lick.

Santa, I hope that you have safe travels tonight, flying all around the world.  I want you to know that even though I was scared of you (a little), I still want you to visit my house.  Also, even though sometimes I'm a little naughty, I'm still mostly a good girl.  And when Mommy asks me, "Maya, are you a good girl or a bad girl?" and I say "Ba!" with a naughty smile, I'm just joking.  I'm not really a bad girl! 

Also, don't forget Parker!  He's, like, the best doggie ever.

Lots of love always,
The cutest little girl ever
(that's me, Maya!)

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Joyce said...

Maya, I hope you have sweet dreams tonight and a day full of surprises tomorrow! And Parker too!

GP said...

Merry Christmas Maya & Family!

B. said...

this post is adorable! and i am mildly ashamed that i am so familiar with the area malls that i know exactly what santa you visited haha....i'll have to post a pic of kaitlyn's visit to Santa...she was so excited to see him and then ended up looking like that scene from A Christmas Story LOL....hope you guys had a great Christmas!!