Thursday, January 12, 2012

The object of her affection

I was just going through some files on my computer and found this gem of a video, taken a few days after Christmas (you'll see the clutter that rapidly accumulates when we're on "vacation").  Maya and Parker were like little magnets---they kept separating only to get pulled back together.  I started filming, and by the end Dave and I were nearly in tears (you'll hear it). 

In fairness, it should be noted that Parker & Maya play like brother and sister (or 2 puppies, whichever analogy you prefer).  In this video, she's playing the role of the instigator, but there are other days when he follows her around, nudging her or bumping her to play.  (He's very smart around her---you can see a few times in the video where he moves slightly away (she has a habit of falling suddenly) and other times when he just freezes and stays still and kind of absorbs her weight.)

You have to admit they're pretty cute together.

If you're new around here, go back to April 2010 and you can read about (and see) when we got Parker.  He's a standard poodle, and we got him to be Maya's service/therapy dog.  Once she started walking, he shifted from training for service dog to remaining a therapy dog.  He's worked with her during sessions, and is just an emotional (and sometimes physical) companion for her, and for us.


brocks*mom said...

That literally made me LOL! What a sweet dog:)

Amanda said...

Their relationship is amazing! Thanks for sharing!