Saturday, January 21, 2012

First time walking in the snow

Welcome to the latest installment in my series "First time walking . . . ".  We had first time walking (back in Feb. '10)---followed by first time walking outside, first time walking at the playground, first time walking at the apple picking place, and now first time walking in the snow.  Others that I haven't mentioned on the blog include: first time walking in the sprinklers, first time walking in New Jersey, first time walking in the lobby of the building, first time walking around the tree on Christmas morning . . .

And I'm unapologetic about drawing out this "First time walking" milestone over the past 11 months, because it's amazing.  I never stop being appreciative about her walk-ability, and I delight in every new experience she gets to have as a walker.

So, today, she got to walk in the snow.  She stood pretty still for a full minute or two, delighted by the snow but unsure of it's walking surface:

(we were just going to the diner, hence no gloves)

But then she became bold, and walked and ran (well, the way that she runs), and yelled at a guy with a shovel (yep.  she's not shy.).  (A little sledding clip is thrown in here, too)


Becky B said...

She's so precious! I can't get the smile off my face now!! :)

Proud Mum said...

I just love youg give us such inspiration!!!!Go have a crowd of supporters in SC!!!!

Barbara @ TherExtras said...

Never, never get tired of marveling at walking!