Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who doesn't love naptime?

This week is giving me a smack down.  It's laughing at me . . . "What's that?  Preschool is settled and you think you're on top of the world?  Well, how about a terrible hearing evaluation (smack!)?  And an impossible decision to make about another medical test (smack-smack)?  And a dermatological issue, and an allergist appointment (smackitysmacksmack!)?"

I cried on the phone with a doctor today.  The good news is, I don't think he could tell.  The bad news is, I'm clearly a little overstressed if I'm in tears just talking about decisions that we'll have to make a few weeks from now. 

(Pull it together, woman)

Maya helped me destress by finding the perfect book to read this morning:

Nothing to see here, Mommy.  I'm just pickin' a book.

 I know it's in here somewhere . . .

And when naptime rolled around, she was as ready as I was . . .

Funny, that's exactly how happy I am when I get to take a nap.


Melinda said...

My son does that with his books all the time. We taught him to put them away in a bin to make it easier for him. Otherwise my livingroom floor looks like that most of the time.

kris said...

I spy Ladybug Girl--my favorite!!

Deep breaths, D. You are a superstar.