Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shake a tail feather* (literally)

Spring was in the air at the Bronx Zoo today, and all of the boy birds were trying their best to impress the girl birds. 

Like this turkey, all puffed up:

"Look at how big and impressive I am!"

"Maya, go stand by the turkey" 
 "Um, I don't think so, Mommy"

"Daddy, save me!"

But the coolest by far was a male peacock, displaying his full plumage to a very bored looking female:


 Hey.  Hey you.  Look at me.

I know you can see me.  How'd ya like this angle?

PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!  (This was when he shrieked and charged her.)

Right after that, I started taking some video (on the cell phone, but still pretty good quality): 

(you've got to watch at least until 0:56 to see the bird tushie shake.  It's the undisputed highlight.)



Tanya said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA, LOLOLO. great post!! so silly you are. happy spring? maybe?? btw, today's code word was "mosenty" but I'm unimpressed by the lack of squiggliness. they usually make it much more wavy. If I was a web-spider I'd be all over this one. :-)

Erica said...

nice! birds. love em. i have never seen a peacock in its full glory like that and im kind of afraid of them now.

rocketmommy said...

LOL That was so cute. Our zoo isn't quite open it and we're itching to get there. =)

Dana said...

Tanya---Code words? That's so annoying! I never have to type words to comment, so I didn't know that anyone else had to either. I'm going to figure out how to turn that off.

Erica--I'm not going to lie, it was a little intimidating!

Rocket--ours is open all year, but some exhibits close for the winter. The children zoo part just re-opened :)