Monday, April 4, 2011

A doozy of a day, and memory lane

Today stunk.  Coming off the high of the weekend's celebration, it was a big letdown.  The hearing test didn't go well, so we may have to do a bigger test.  On an unrelated note, one of her ear tubes is clogged, so I'm waiting to hear back from the ENT about drops or something.  Had to schedule a dermatologist appointment because she's scratched herself up and is now in a vicious scratching cycle, and an allergist appointment later this week means that we're at 3 doctors' appointments, so far anyway.  Plus therapies.  Yikes.

You know what made me smile tonight after my lousy day?  Pizza and beer. Old videos.  Ok, old videos and pizza and beer.  Have a look at a few old favorites . . .

This was the first video that I took on my own . . . Dave was working, it was a Monday so I was off from work and thought I would record how happy she was waking up  . . . (ignore my sugary voice).  She was close to 4 months old here:

This was her first laugh, and second and third and fourth . . . literally.  Dave was taping, and she laughed---like a little magical song!  And then we were so excited that we were laughing, and then she was laughing more, etc etc.  She was 4.5 months old here:

Her second trip to the dog park. (If you can handle super grainy old cell phone video, her first trip to the dog park, in which she laughed so hard that she was sick, is here.)  She LOVED dogs.  She still loves them now, but back then she LOVED them.  This is why getting Parker was so perfect.  You can't watch this video and not smile.  I double dog dare you to try.  She was almost 1 here.



Cheri said...

She is so precious

k said...

Hi Dana- the old videos of Maya are awesome! Glad a visit down memory lane lifted your spirits.
Is Maya still "undiagnosed?" (Sorry for the quotes, but I think you know what I mean!) Has Pallister Killian Syndrome been ruled out? Until recently this syndrome was only detectable via a buccal smear or skin biopsy (a mosaic thing.) The Maya's hair pattern and facial structure looks really familiar.... Like my son's.

Tanya said...

what an awesome laugh! She's always had that super happy spirit. What a love.