Monday, October 4, 2010

So. Tired.

This week's schedule is (more) exhausting (than usual).  We have 3 doctor appointments for Maya, which mean therapies have to get shuffled, and we're missing the first music class of the session too.  Bummer. 

Tomorrow we have the developmental pediatrician, which is not one of my faves.  Besides the fact that it's a long appointment, involving a parent interview, the office is really small, really hot, and really crowded.  Maya gets cranky, tries to crawl, I try to grab her with one hand while simultaneously thinking about and answering a million questions, and I'm sweating. 

And then at the end, as a reward for my endurance, I get to hear how delayed Maya is in each aspect of development.

Yes!  (Fist pump)

Luckily, the doctor is really nice, which makes up for some of the misery.

Maya is psyched, too:

Oh, and guess what?!  She climbed onto the couch tonight.  All the way up!  By herself!  She's never come close to that before . . . Dave & I ran across the room cheering like crazy people :)


grandma said...

1)yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy maya!!!!!! 2)sorry it will be a kind of crappy day tomorrow for you but just remember that maya keeps moving forward(literally!), keeps making progress, but it's on her own schedule and when you least expect it she'll do something to surprise you :-)

kris said...

GOOOOOOO MAYA!!!! I hope this is just the beginning of her climbing :)

Sorry it was a long day...I keep looking for you at the corner of 76th St!

Lisa said...

go maya go!!!!! good luck tomorrow!!!!!!! :) :)