Friday, October 8, 2010

I can't come up with a title. But there are videos, so you should read it anyway.

Let's start with an Amsterdam International update.  Since Tuesday night, we've had 2,500 page loads.  Two thousand, five hundred.  That's a friggin' lot.  Also, 182 people have shared the link on Facebook.  Wow.  Keep spreading it around, folks.  I love the idea that it's reaching people who may really connect with it!

I've been spending all of my time working on emailing people and spreading it around, so Maya's been on her own.  Turns out, when left to fend for herself, she gets into trouble.

Example 1:  She chipped her tooth (The upper middle one on to your right.  The very bottom right corner of it is gone.)

How?  I have no idea.  That's the kind of mom that I am . . . my only child breaks a tooth and I don't even know when it happened.  Where's my Mother of the Year plaque?  (In all seriousness, we think it's because she keeps tapping things on her teeth---her OT had to confiscate a set of markers the other day.)

Example 2.  She taught herself how to climb on the coffee table because I wasn't there to help her reach her toys. 

You're probably thinking "Man, that must have been so cute.  I wish there was a video."  Well, wish no more:

(My dad was here for a Maya playdate, that's him cheering her on!)

(As always, if you just see blank white boxes with small "play" arrows under them where the videos should be, just click the arrow and the video will appear.  I'm not tech savvy enough to know why this happens or how to fix it.)

Ok, for real, the Amsterdam International stuff has been fun, but this has just been a crazy week for us.

We had a few appointments.  A few extra appointments basically wipe out all of our free time for the week.  We had 2-4 therapies each day this week . . . add in the appointments, travel time, 3 meals per day, 1 long nap, dog walks, and that's it.   I was basically a prisoner in my own home.

Luckily, Maya thinks therapies are more or less playdates, as evident by her so-happy-she's-nearly-falling-over (0:21) response when she hears that her 3rd therapist of the day is about to arrive:

Oh, and one of our appointments this week was for splint measurements!!!  Hooray!!!  (By the way, I got to pick out a pattern for the splints----rainbows?  Ladybugs?  Hearts?  Not for this girl . . . we went with red barns and farm animals---she's going to be psyched!)


Jaymi said...

Go Maya! It wasn't too long ago that my Sammie learned how to crawl up onto her play table to get what she needed. Such a big exciting accomplishment! :)

Lisa said...

yay for farm splints!!! and good for her getting up on that table!!! time to break out the crawling mats again!!!

Susan said...

Love your "new" Holland "story" Dana (and Maya)! It is posted on our Rett Syndrome Facebook page now.. thank you sooo much! But I must ad that I was amazed at the negative comments- do not understand those at all! My Sara is 28 years old now and severely disabled with Rett Syndrome.... and I still hate the word Rett with every being of my body and soul, for the suffering it has caused by beautiful, sweet daughter. But I love her with every being of my body and soul- that is why her Dad and I are still lifting, feeding, changing, and loving her as we enter our 60s!!

Dana said...

Jaymi--I really wish you lived closer, Maya & Sammie would be great buddies, I think!

Susan--Thanks so much for the compliments, and for taking the time to come here and comment! Thanks for sharing your perspective . . . I knew people would have some negative responses, which doesn't bother me at all----everyone has their own perspective. What bothers me is when people seem to imply judgement on those of us who had (or have) negative thoughts and feelings about the special needs world. I'm happy for those who are happy, but no need to kick the people who are down, you know?

Anyway, thanks again for stopping by :)