Saturday, October 9, 2010


We got outside today!  More than once!  And got some great videos, too.

Maya is in motion with the pushable stroller! I especially enjoy the surprise meeting at the end of the video :)

(if you don't see the video, just click the play button and it will appear)

She's moving, but needs help with the steering. So when she stops we point and say, "Maya, do you want to go over there, or that way?". She'll point, and we adjust the stroller so that she can walk in a straight line towards her choice. Then we follow.

Even if she chooses to go somewhere weird:

Also, Amsterdam International is getting around.  Here are some links:


grandma said...

so great to see maya walking at the playground!!!! and loved her being so happy just playing with leaves and dirt etc----she's a nature girl just like her mom and cousins and aunt!!!!

Foxxy One said...

Found something I thought you may be interested in...

It's about a new law for service animals.

Love the videos!

Tiffany said...

Hey!! I couldn't find your is the link to my blog about Amsterdam International.

Dana said...

Foxxy---I'll check that out later, thanks. Parker is in the therapy dog camp right now more than the service dog . . . but it's good to know for later.

Tiffany---Thanks for the link, and thanks for taking the time to share it!

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