Friday, May 20, 2011

Just a typical Friday night

It's Friday night, and Maya is tucked in snugly in her crib.  After Dave & I have dinner we're just getting a few random things done.  Parker's dog food container is empty so Dave heads onto the terrace to refill it from our giant green tupperware dog food tub.  About half a second later he reappears in the living room looking shocked.

Me:  What?

Dave:  You're not going to believe this.  I pulled out the tub (we keep it in the bottom shelf of this industrial shelving thing, filled with random pet supplies) and I swear, a bird flew out and went right between my legs! 

Me:  Flew out from where?

Dave: I don't know!  Somewhere!  How could I know where!?!?

Me: What kind of bird?

Dave: Are you kidding?!  A bird just flew out of nowhere and went right between my legs!!!  You think I know what type of bird it was?!?!?!?!

Me (standing up and walking outside): There's been a pigeon cooing out here on and off all week.  I bet there's a nest.

So we're both outside, looking for a nest.  Baby pigeons happen to be the weirdest looking birds ever (I raised some of them when I worked/lived at a wildlife hospital years ago) so I was kind of psyched that we might have some.  But they're noisy critters and despite rattling things around, we couldn't hear anything. 

I shrugged and turned to go back inside.  Dave bent over to get the dog food and said "There are eggs!"  So I went to get the camera.  I told him to do a dramatic reenactment of the moment the bird flew out.

No, dude.  That's "the fish was this big!".  Try again.

Whoa!  A bird!?!
The dog food tub.  Can you see the eggs?

They were wayyyy back under the tarp!
While we were outside checking it out, Mama Pigeon flew back over and landed on the terrace below.  She was checking us out.

This was how it all went back together.

Dave insists that this weird stuff only happens to because I live here.  Animals are just drawn in :)  (This makes more sense if you know that I was a zoology major, a science teacher, and a general animal behavior nerd.)


grandma said...

love it!!! we always had so many animals, birds etc at our house. remember the extra eggs you kept in your dorm room---one hatched!!! as for the 2nd pic, instead of "whoa, a bird" i think it looks like "eek, a mouse" LOL ;-)

Sarah DuBrava said...

That is awesome! That *would* only happen to you! LOL

Erica said...

birds! eggs! yay!