Saturday, May 21, 2011

A fair and ornithology

Our day, pre-nap, during nap, and post-nap.

This morning we went to a fair.  They had toys for sale, games, prizes, balloons, etc.  Maya was in heaven!

Well, she was in heaven because she got to wander around a parking lot.  Not because of the activities.  She just likes to wander, wander, walk in a circle, sit for a minute, walk, amble, wander, etc.

Oh yeah, and she found some leaves.  And a few piles of dirt.  Doesn't take much to entertain her. 

During naptime I snuck a picture of Mama Pigeon.  (Any name suggestions?  Mama Pigeon isn't working for me.)

After her nap, Maya & I went to the playground, and then the park---where she got to run in a field of grass and dirt. 

And then she saw a bird of her own . . . and went "running" as fast as her legs could carry her!

I'm coming to get you, birdie!

(That says "Running".  Can you tell it's my first time using the paint program?)

Ack!  Don't you fly away!!! (foiled again!)


Joyce said...

Maya should come to my house, we have a Canada goose family with 5 baby goslings. They parade around all day long!

Erica said...

mama pigeon looks like a "madge" to me.