Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Maya! (A primarily pictorial post)

Welcome to Maya's 3rd Birthday Party :)

It's not weird that these giant cardboard animals will possibly become permanent fixtures, right?

Maya emerges from naptime, all dolled up, to find both sets of grandparents here and balloons everywhere!

Daddy, did you see this tiger?!?  He's HUGE!!!

I think this party is going to be super fun!

This is her response to "How old are you, Maya?".  She tries to hold up 3 fingers (by making the "OK" sign with her hand).  And doesn't she look like a little doll?!  Everytime she sat the skirt poofed around her perfectly :)

Balloons are super fun---especially when an older friend will gather them for you!

It's a little scary when 30 people start singing . . .

Maya, you wish and we'll blow, ok?

After most of the guests left, we were back to just us + the grandparents, and we opened some presents----she was a very lucky girl and got some great things . . .

 . . . like her very own umbrella!
All in all, a fabulous day!  Thanks to everyone who came, and to everyone who sent Miss Maya birthday wishes!


Cheryl (in Buffalo) said...

Happy Birthday Maya!!!! Your party looks like it was so fun! I totally LOVE your skirt (as would my little girl!) and would love to know where those giant animals came from! (I know they were from a friend, but any idea where they got them from??) Sending sunshine from Buffalo, Cheryl

Nancy Cavillones said...

Happy birthday to Maya! What a fun-looking party! Who needs the Bronx Zoo when you've got those cutouts!

Anonymous said...

Great party! She's beautiful and your cake turned out great!

The cutouts came from shindigz.com.

Jo-Anne said...

Oh that looks so AMAZING!!! And Maya... absolutely a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. I too love the way her little skirt poofed out. What a fun looking day! Happy Birthday Maya! =)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated 3rd birthday, Maya! Great pictures, Dana -- thanks for sharing them! -Shirin