Wednesday, March 16, 2011

News & new videos

Just got around to uploading some videos from my phone.

Here's one from music class last week.  Maya's getting girly, I think.  She likes bracelets, sparkly shirts, and hair clips, unfortunately for this girl:

Here's a bit of Kristi Yamaguchi reading the beginning of her book, while Maya watches:

And the news?  We got an IEP date!!!!  It's Friday, April 1.  That's only 2 weeks away!  I am tentatively so excited to think that the preschool placement could be nailed down in 2 weeks . . . what a load off.  I may have a full head of hair come summertime :)

I think Maya will be happy too----here's a video I took in the elevator on the morning that we went to the school visit.  She's going to love school.  (You need your volume on to fully appreciate the cuteness here)

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Unknown said...

That's so exciting about the IEP. Kasey gets to see her school on the 30th and she's super excited! I have to keep reminding her that she doesn't START school till August though. Even at 31 months she's insistant that she wants to go to school!