Monday, March 28, 2011

The A says aaa!

I asked some wise been-there-done-that moms how their kids started to learn about letters.  Several recommended a DVD called "Leapfrog Letter Factory", which Maya quickly took to (given the choice to watch Elmo or "The letters" before bed, she's been chosing the letters).
They sing a cute song about the noises that the letters make, and Maya likes to sing along. . .

Don't get too excited about her tearing through the alphabet, her mouth isn't nearly ready to start making the C sound

Again, I'm not a big advocate of pushing educational stuff onto kids constantly (I'm a big believer in play), but if she's showing interest in letters, I'm going to ride this wave  :)

PS-If you just see a black box, click it and the video will start.

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Anonymous said...

I love that song. I taught ds to count by counting the basement steps .