Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In like a lion, out like a (newly shorn) lamb

I have things to say, heavy on my mind, but not the patience or presence to sort them out yet. So instead, random pictures from March :)

We took Maya on one bike ride . . . why only one?  See if you can guess . . .

Mommy, can I ride the bike like this?

Well, how about like this?  This is just how I roll . . .

No, I cannot sit up, hold onto the handlebars, and not drag my feet.  It's simply too much to ask.  So we can ride like this, or take me home.

And that was the end of that.

She helped with the paper recycling . . .

(Doesn't it look like she's doing finger guns?  "Bang bang, I'm the best recycler around!") 

We discovered the Children's Museum of Manhattan and went there twice (hence the different outfits):

She loves climbing stairs (which is verrrrry dangerous, since she doesn't quite have the skill set for it) . . .

Hello, friend!
(I love this picture)

(And this one too)

This was my favorite part of the museum . . . a scale that displays your weight in terms of what animal your tonnage corresponds to.  Yikes.  Why is elephant even an option?  What person visiting the children's museum is going to get on, see "elephant" and think "Oh, elephant?  Yeah, I guess that's about right."
Apparently, me + Maya = boxer.  I believe a boxer weighs about 55 lbs, and Maya is probably 35ish lbs, so I'm clearly in need of milkshakes and cheeseburgers, stat.

Finally, this month I got some new blades for the dog clippers and decided to buzz Parker.  It's getting warmer, and I'm tired of trimming his hair every 2 weeks.  Here he is with everything cut except for one shaggy ear . . .

 . . .  and finished.
Oh, it's so embarrassing!


Unknown said...

awww. bet she loved trying to ride the bike though! Glad she had fun at the museum!

Parker looks great! We need to get a good brush and start brushing our dog out better. He sheds bad for being a short haired dog..

Angela said...

Lol re: the scale. Milkshakes stat! I love Maya's smile.