Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our day in cell phone video clips

(As always, if you see blank areas with play arrows under them, just click the play arrow and the video will pop in.)

We're experiencing a little developmental boom over here.  I've seen it before---a bunch of new skills suddenly show up.  Sometimes they stick (like signing) and sometimes they disappear again only to come back later (remember when she first pulled to stand for a few days, and then quit and didn't do it again until like 4 months later?).   But I'm soaking it all up while it lasts. 

Besides the walking-with-the-stroller development (which is huge, huge, huge and appears to be sticking around for real), she's starting to chatter away a lot more.  She spend half the day babbling to me, Parker, her toys . . . I can hear her now talking to something in her crib (no joke).  Here we are, talking in the laundry room:

0:02-0:05 She signs "more"  (her version of it, anyway.  Kids who sign modify their signs, the same way a toddler might say "lello" instead of "yellow".  They get more refined over time).  Then she just is chatting away :)

She's a champion block stacker:

At 0:34 when I say "knock it over" I initially didn't know why she turned away from the table.  Watching it again, I just realized that she turned to knock on the wooden hutch.  If you rewatch it, you can see her starting at me, possibly thinking "Knock?  I thought we were doing blocks.  But, ok, I'll knock . . ."  
She's such a clever little thing, I worry that others won't be able to see the wheels turning in her brain.  Then she goes rogue and tries to hurl all of the blocks on the floor behind the table.

She might not know shapes or colors, but she knows the important things, like farm animals:

And she loves books.  And cows.  And books that have cows in them.  And she does a big celebration when she finds the cow page in a book. (This video has a surprise ending).

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kris said...

OK, there's just so much to love here. First off, the speech bubbles on the last video (though I am disappointed that you don't do goat sounds).

I also love that these videos really demonstrate what you said in your previous post about Maya's receptive language. She really is a great block stacker...good motor skills there, Maya :)

Kelly said...

So glad to have found your blog. We have one child with special needs and I have enjoyed reading your perspective.

Love, love your dog! Our AnnaKate is an only child and we are considering a dog. A therapy companion! :)

Thanks for blogging!

Tiffany said...

I love those booms in development!

carollee03 said...

Great post! I loved watching the videos and seeing Maya's progress. Too cute how much she loves cows :)

grandma said...

wow!!!! so impressive little miss maya! and the cow thing is just crazy---although will she be fickle and move on from them like she did doggies at the dog park?!? LOL

arshad said...
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Dana said...

Thanks for the nice comments, everyone!

Kelly, getting Parker has been amazing for Maya. It's been kind of like getting a big brother :) Feel free to email me if you want to talk more about getting and incorporating a dog :)

marie clare said...

Hi, Just wondering if you would mind sharing where you got the blocks. Ive been looking for wooden ones that size for Ryan for ages.

Dana said...

Marie, we were borrowing them from her OT, so I'm afraid I'm no help!

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