Monday, May 10, 2010

Nap time

So I tried to start writing an update, maybe something that would evolve into wittiness, just jotting down thoughts to clean up later.  But then I decided to stop pushing for a creative update (which was just another thing on my to-do list) and just be real.  In italics, my intial drafting . . . following by my current state of frazzled-ness in bold, because I feel boldly frazzled.

Soon to come---a new video! (just waiting to be uploaded tonight)

Here we are, mid-nap time, and I'm trying to catch up on 53 things to do.   I finally have a chance to sit and write, and all of my interesting thoughts have flown out of my head.  So now I'm thinking about Writing 101---Who, What, Where, Why, When and How . . . let me give it a shot:

What kind of dog is that?  We get asked that nearly every time we take Parker out.  He's the magical mystery dog---absolutely adorable and I think that secretly everyone wants one just like him.  Many people just start a conversation by venturing a guess "Goldendoodle?" "Labradoodle?"  . . . but we've only had 2 correct guesses (and weirdly, one of them was from a 6 year old girl----future Dog Whisperer, perhaps).  Once we explain that he's a standard poodle, and just a puppy, we get "Whoa . . .he's big for 3.5 months!"  (Yikes! Tell me about it) The first week at obedience class, Parker was the same size as two other puppies.  This past week he was the biggest by far!

When  are we ever going to have free time again?  I just got off the phone (literally, the call interrupted my writing) with our new Early Intervention speech/feeding therapist.  And with that call, I had to fit 4 new therapy appointments per week into our already bursting schedule.  I feel stretched to the max.

Well, that writing experiment was a massive fail.  My phone keeps ringing, I'm not feeling entertaining, and I'm just stressed.  Here's what's really on my mind:

-a dear old friend going through a tough situation, and I feel like a little piece of my heart is with him.

-another friend's baby in surgery today, and a little pit in my stomach for them as they deal with the first time he's put under (I remember that so well with Maya's adenoids)

-a jumbled, messy apartment that I just can't seem to conquer---I'm stitching up one end as the other is unraveling.  The floors have to be cleaned constantly now, we leave the terrace door open a lot for the dog and all kind of dirt blows in.  There is laundry to do, laundry to fold, stuff to bring down to storage, I need to clean out the fridge, etc. 

-cooking that takes too long.  I can make a mean vat of tabouli that lasts all week, but the chopping and dicing and herb washing and more chopping, etc, etc takes forever.  I did an hour of prep on it earlier, but there's probably another hour left.  And I'm loving grilled veggie and goat cheese sandwiches (drizzled with olive oil), but the grill pan is so impossible to clean that I'm dreading grilling the marinated zucchini.

-how can I make sure I'm working enough with Maya . . . what new things should we be learning, etc.

-how can I make sure I'm working enough with Parker . . . what new things should we be learning, etc.

-how can I balance Maya and Parker?  Sometimes life would be a lot easier if I just took her to the playground . . . but then I feel like he should be there too, to get used to the smells and sounds and running kids, etc.  And then I take him everywhere, but get frustrated because we can't run in to the post office, grocery store, etc, because he's with me.  So it's a juggle .  . . I love having the two of them, and wouldn't trade it, but I'm a novice juggler right now.  I'm sure it will get easier.

-and now more appointments.  Sigh.

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grandma said...

you're doing a great job at everything!!!it's ok to leave parker at home sometimes, ok to leave maya with dave and just take parker sometimes and ok to leave both and just go for a walk!!!! when you're a mom(and pet owner!)you have to let some things go---take-out, dirty house and laundry are just part of the deal!!! so proud of all my family!! :-)