Sunday, May 28, 2017

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program (FREE book for kids!) (visual menu)

I recently found out that Barnes & Noble has a summer reading program for kids (grades 1-6), through which each child can earn 1 free book! 

(image is logo on the front of the B&N Summer Reading journal)

Here's how it works:
1. Read 8 books.
2. Fill out reading journal for these books (title, author, favorite part).
3. Bring completed reading journal to participating B&N store and claim your free book!

(image is the back page of the B&N Summer Reading Journal, listing the free book choices)

There are 24 books to choose from when selecting a free book: eight for grades 1-2, eight for grades 3-4, and eight for grades 5-6. These books are listed (title/author) in the back of the reading journal, but I wasn't able to find a visual menu anywhere online, so I made one. A visual menu of books increases accessibility for those who can't independently read/remember the titles and provides an easier means of selection for those who can demonstrate choice more easily by pointing to an image----and also, who doesn't appreciate seeing the cover when you're choosing a book?  If your child would benefit from a visual menu of the books, this menu can be downloaded (for free) here. 

(Image is the visual book menu. It contains pictures of the 24 available book covers, broken into the 3 grade level categories)

Here's the link to more information about the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program (kind of tricky, scroll about halfway down the page to see the information, including the journal download):

Happy reading!