Uncommon Sense? What's that?

This blog has been tough to title.  I mean, really, what do you call an ever-evolving blog?  There's no theme!  If someone said "Hey, what's your blog about?" I would have had to answer (at different points in time):

-birth/new parenthood
-developmental delays
-medical testing
-raising a child with special needs
-getting and raising a therapy/service dog
-hair loss
-having a baby after having a child with special needs

What seems to make us unique, and mildly entertaining, is our lighter-side-of-life perspective, and go-get-em attitude.  To me, most of the things that we do seem like common sense . . . but, as wise people say, "sometimes common sense isn't all that common." 

Uncommon sense is the common sense that some people miss out on (thereby making it UNcommon).  For us, uncommon sense is what we use to look at life and it's challenges and keep laughing, sharing, and thinking creatively. 

"Uncommon Sense" is also the brilliant blog title that Dave helped me to invent.  For months, I'd been thinking "What could the title be?  What could the title be?"  to no avail.

And then, suddenly, it made sense.  Uncommon sense. (Alright, that was pretty cheesy.)

Anyway, the story of our title lies here.