This isn't an ice skating blog?

If you're here because of Kristi Yamaguchi, or figure skating, or tweets about Kristi Yamaguchi, or tweets about figure skating . . . well, you must be confused.  Like, who is that (adorable) little girl, and why is her mother talking about Kristi Yamaguchi in the first place?

"What's this blog about, anyway?":  This is just a typical slice-of-life blog gone slightly awry when I decided to take a turn for the more-honestly-revealing about Maya's (she's the cute little one) special needs, and raising a child with special needs, and having a sense of humor, and getting angry about things, and whatever else comes our way.

"What's the Kristi Yamaguchi connection?" Kristi was born with bilateral club feet.  She had casts and started ice skating as physical therapy.  I wrote about her (including a cute baby picture) and her parents in a post in which I discussed Maya's transition to walking (at 2 years, 10 months).  That post is here: Simple Certainty and Kristi Yamaguchi.

"But why did Kristi Yamaguchi tweet about you?" :  Well, because we're cool.  Actually, because I decided to pack up Miss Maya and take her to a book signing, to get Kristi's new (very cute) book and give her a copy of the blog post.  And to let her know that parents of children with special needs still are inspired by her story.  The post that she tweeted and Facebooked (is that a verb?) about is here: Kristi Yamaguchi strikes again.

"And then what?"  Well, after the tweet/FB thing (which you can see in this post: Kristi Yamaguchi strikes again, again) then some other ice skating folks added the link to their site/blogs, and now all of you nice ice skating people are here, scratching your heads and wondering why you're here at all.

By the way, in case you (or someone you're close to) has a child with special needs, since you're here already you may as well check out: Amsterdam International.  If you like it, spread it around.  It helps make some people feel less alone and more understood, which is a nice thing.