Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good morning!

Maya waking up :)

(do your best to ignore my ridiculous baby voice)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Effect & cause (like cause & effect, but backwards)

Effect: There haven't been pictures put up here in a while.

Cause: Dave and I lost our camera (oops). We got a new one, which has a million pics on it already--but I don't have the software for it on my computer yet---so no new pics.

Effect: Now there are new pics.

Cause: My mom was fed up with my lack of updates and emailed me a bunch of pictures from August.

Effect: Now I have to keep her hands clean.

Cause: Maya has figured out how to get her hands in her mouth (very cute) and suck on her fist.

Effect: We are bouncing her, rocking her, making funny noises, and behaving like idiots.

Cause: Maya has starting smiling at things (finally---after acting like a potato for the first several weeks of life).

Getting ready for a stroll . . .

With cousin Emerson in NJ . . .

Maya's favorite position, semi-sitting up . . .

Maya & I with Collin, Lisa & Emerson (Maya looks so little!):

All tuckered out:

Notice the hairdo in this one. She has one big curl on the top of her head. All of her hair is falling out along the sides, so she has a fauxhawk. Also, her hair is long in the back---so it's a fauxhawk mullet. And now the top is getting curly. Very stylish :) Here she is laughing at my mom . . .

Going out to hunt down dinner:

With mom & dad:

"Have you seen my tongue recently? Here it is :)"

Layla has no interest in Maya (she is too noisy and unpredictable). And since Maya doesn't even know that she has hands yet, she's unaware that we have a cat. But my mom managed to get this quick interaction on film before Layla quickly sauntered away.

Pictures are so fun. They make me giggle :)

Monday, September 8, 2008