Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Maya & Parker, the beginning

For people wondering what sort of stuff I'm working on with Parker, the best way to explain it is just basic manners right now.  He knows to wait at a distance when I'm filling his food or water dishes.  He's polite when I take away his dishes or toys, which I do often (since Maya likely will try it at some point).  He's learning that if he has a toy in his mouth and one of us touches it, he has to let go---no tug of war, no pouncing, he can't take anything that isn't given to him, and he's not allowed to touch a toy that we're touching.  He doesn't run through open doors, try to jump on furniture, etc etc.  

Parker's leash manners are great-he knows to walk next to the stroller, in the back.  He sits whenever we stop walking, sits before we get in the elevator, then sits in the elevator, then before we enter the apartment, etc. 

I'm trying to teach him "Go to Maya", and every time that they are near each other he gets lots of treats :)   They are both still cautious around each other---Maya loves to watch him move around, but sometimes closes her eyes when he gets super close.  Parker's interested in her, and seems curious about why I keep telling him to follow her around, but nervous because she's unsteady and likes to touch his nose.

When I get the two of them together, I can't resist taking a million pictures :)

Parker, this is how you stack the blocks.

Parker thinking: "Why does she clap so much?" (For the record, she claps so much because it's the easiest way to get her to pay attention and smile---I just say "Maya, clap clap!")

Oh, and for the record, I finally finished making the tabouli---no thanks to the pseudo Slap-Chop, which sucks big time.


Anonymous said...

Since you didn't ask, here is my rank order for pictures on your blog:
1) Pics of Maya + Parker
2) Pics of just Maya
2) Pics of just Parker (they are tied because they both are ridiculously adorable, how can anyone choose?)
4) Pictures of anything or anyone else except rats.
5) Pictures of rats.

Miss you -- and please keep posting,

grandma said...

it just warms your heart to see these two cuties together!!! a winning combination :-)