Thursday, May 27, 2010

I've got big plans

I'm going to win the lottery.

So too bad for the rest of you suckers.  And don't start asking me for money once I win, either.  I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet, but it will probably be something amazing.  Here's the plan:

I've started rabidly hunting for change---on the sidewalk, in the gutter, at the park, everywhere.  I'm really good at it because I'm genetically programmed to be a treasure hunter (I imagine loud laughter coming from any blog readers who know my dad, king of the treasure . . . or should I say "treasure" . . . hunters.). 

I started earlier this week and since then I've found 5 pennies!  5! That's 1/20 of my way to a $1 lottery ticket.  And since the universe is bringing me this change, that must mean that the change will bring me the lottery. 

I think it's a done deal. 

I'll keep you updated on my growing loot.

PS-Only 3 days left til Maya's birthday!

PPS-I added some pics of the critters in the "About Us" tab


Stacy said...

Hello! Love the "about us" section and all he pics of the animals! glad to hear that you are using the rats as food because you can essentially feed the snakes for free indefinately if they keep reproducing so rapidly! Happy early birthday to Maya- and I keep saying that I am winning the lotto so I am giving you a run for your money (I don't ever buy lotto tickets, however, so you have better odds that I do!)

grandma said...

laughed out loud at the comment about dad----because it is so true!!! from finding pennies in the bottom of the pool to finding his "super jesus" necklace at the lake, he is the king!!!!!!

Dana said...

Stacy, that's fine---you can win the CT lottery, I'm just planning on taking NY's :)

For the readers who are confused by the "Super Jesus" reference, my dad (king of the "treasure" hunters, and simmer extraordinnaire) had pulled a lot of gold (or "gold") jewelery from the bottom of a local lake. One stand-out piece was a GIANT gold Jesus necklace (Jesus was about 8 inches long, and heavy gold). My family affectionately referred to it as "Super Jesus", because it did have a very super hero, larger than life, aspect.

Also, I'm wondering if I can train Parker to find spare change.