Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog in progress

Did you notice the new tabs at the top of the page?  Right at the top of this page, below the title, they say: Home, About Us, Contact Us.  I'm working on the blog slowly, trying to add new things to it.  Soon the "About Us" will have pictures.

Also, Maya thinks that you should bookmark this page (or "Add to Favorites") . . . that way you remember to check back on her antics frequently.  I promise to try to stay semi-entertaining.
Only 5 days until Miss Maya turns 2!


Colleen H. said...

Happy Birthday to a very special little lady. Can't wait to meet Parker one of these days - he seems like such a sweetheart.

AuntJenny said...

Looks great! Happy almost birthday to your little rock star!!!

Dana said...

Thanks, ladies!

(Colleen, Parker will be in Dumont on Sunday for Maya's birthday if you want to stop by!)