Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tubes & books

1. We had an ENT appointment Monday. Poor Maya has another ear infection developing, which sealed the deal for tubes. She'll be getting them on March 16th, or earlier if there's a cancellation. Based on the doctor appointments we've had we can definitely say she's had fluid in her ears for at least the past month, but since she had an ear infection in November and one in December it could be much longer. Maybe the surgery will help her hearing (fingers crossed). We're not super psyched about another surgery day, but this is supposed to be an easier procedure and recovery that the adenoids were. You can find more info here about ear tube surgery.

Playing in the waiting room:

Chilling at Blockhead's on Valentine's Day (note the heart shirt, and Dave's stylish tie):

2. I've rejoined the website Paperback Swap. If you like to read, but have gathered enough books and want to clear some out, this site is great. For every book that you mail out to someone, you get a credit and can request a new book. I have had the recent urge to get rid of all of the "stuff" in the apartment, and I like amassing credits so that when I want a new book I can get one for free!

PS. Oh, and the rats are huge and live in a double decker:

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