Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Progress is what happens when you're busy not paying attention

The past week has been great. Maya's made all sorts of progress---suddenly, as these things tend to happen. What I mean by "suddenly" is that we plug away, doing things everyday that seem to make no difference (like standing her to play, or putting food on her tray even though she won't touch it) and then *suddenly, amazingly* one day she just does something new (like standing up on Friday).

In the past weekish, here is the progress she's made:
-(PT) She's pulling to stand, playing while standing up, and learning how to get back down again.
-(OT): She's gotten good at putting coins into her piggy bank toy, and today started to pick up food to feed herself:

-(Feeding): At each meal, she has some "real" food that I blend in the baby food processor in addition to the baby food (at least 1/3 of her meal). She also is eating Gerber puffs---they used to have to be broken into 6 pieces per puff, not we're down to only 3 pieces per puff.
-(Speech): She's babbling a lot more :)

And she has some things to say:

Oh, it's embarassing when they put me in shopping bags:

Walking at the mall:

Mommy, this is NOT the zoo! This is just a stupid pet store! Honestly . . .

Aunt Lisa, Uncle Jay, Collin & Emerson got Maya this little barn for Christmas . . . it's like crack to her. For whatever reason, she goes freaking crazy for it. Take today, for example:

Do NOT take my barn again. I'll be watching you.

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Lisa said...

Yay Maya!!!! We love seeing the updates and Emerson loves seeing the videos!!! She's doing SO well!!! I'm so excited to see the progress, she's doing a great job and obviously so are you and Dave!