Sunday, February 21, 2010

This week was Dave's February vacation, which has been really nice :) As usual, we did a million projects (requiring a few trips to Target---first to buy, then to return, then to buy), ran errands, and had general fun. More pictures will be coming as I upload them from the camera.

In no particular order,we:
-went to 2 zoos (Central Park & Bronx)
-had 2 doctor appointments (both for Maya)
-had 1 dentist appointment (for me)
-celebrated at my belated birthday dinner (while my parents babysat)
-cleaned out and re-organized a closet
-visited in NJ with my parents, sister & Maya's cousins, Collin & Emerson
-had a normal therapy load
-met our new Special Instructor . . . Maya's going to be seeing her 3 times a week now

-Dave recovered from being sick
-I freecycled (What's that? You don't know Freecycle?)a bunch of stuff
-We have 9 rats now . . . mwah ha ha (evil laughter aside, it's just the circle of life)
Here are some NJ pics. The kids got along fabulously, although Maya was mostly silent. She's definitely a watcher . . . taking it all in and laughing.

First they examined her, like when you add a new monkey to a cage:

Yes, we like her!

Maya tries Dave's famous "I've got something to show you---no I don't!" (jk, but it looks like it!) I'm on standby to make sure she doesn't try to pull hair.

Emerson attempts to kidnap Maya from Aunt Lisa

"Well, if I can't hold her, I can ride her!"

Sharing the barn :)


grandma said...

so nice to have the 3 grandkids all together----they were so cute and had so much fun together!!!

lisa said...

LOL C + E really love Maya! I'm so glad they had some time to play together. It was great seeing the 3 of you! :)

kris said...

whoa! emerson looks so much like lisa!! looks like they had a blast. cousins are the best--even better than siblings, IMO! :)

Bec said...

omg emerson is TOTALLY a mini Lisa!!! how adorable all of the little ones are! hope you're all doing well :-)