Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today, well, today was a good day . . .

Today has been a great day.

Maya & I were coughing all night long, so after I got her on the bus I went back to bed for 2 hours (yeah, I know, it's one of the major perks of unemployment).  When I re-awoke and sat down at the computer to get some stuff done I was alerted that the Parents Magazine Best Blog Award winners had been released . . .  and I was a winner :)  We are now officially the:

"Readers's Choice"---that means all of you kind folks.  So, thanks a million for voting and forcing encouraging others to vote, too.  You are the ones who share your favorite posts on Facebook/Twitter/email/etc, you're the ones who help the blog spread far and wide.  Many, many thanks.

(this is where someone should cue the music, before I launch into a full blown acceptance speech)

To sweeten the victory, I just realized that today is my 4 Year Blogoversary.  Exactly 4 years ago today, the blog started, with these three sentences:

"I have no idea what I'm doing. Do not come here with high expectations of wit or regular updating. We'll see what happens."

When all else fails, set low expectations, I guess.  Well done, Dana.

In other news, I got a job offer today (which I will be accepting) and it has nothing to do with special needs.  So that's a bit of a nice break.  A blog award, employment, and a blogoversary---talk about a great day!

Oh, and I won the lottery.


Well, I guess I won a lottery, not the lottery.  5 big ones! 

$5, and I'm not sharing it, either.

The lottery ticket was a gift from Dave--he thought I was on a roll today, so it was worth a shot---he also brought home a few other celebratory gifts:

Note the balloon---it originally said "Best Party Ever", but Dave crossed out "Party" and wrote "Blog"

I'm off to drink champagne, eat a giant chocolate chip cookie, and daydream about how to spend my lottery winnings :)

Thanks again, everyone.


Beth @ Snaps of Our Life said...

Congratulations! (for everything but the coughing!)

Erica said...


grandma said...

soooo glad you had such a terrific day!!!! and how sweet of dave to bring home such a wonderful celebration for you. love the champagne, balloon and lottery tix but he scores extra points with that giant cookie :-)

Just the Tip said...

that's so awesome! congrats!!

marie clare said...

What a day!!! Congrats !!!

Molly said...

My favorite part is the balloon!

lisa said...

love it! glad you had such a good day! can't believe it's been 4 years already! wow!!

Becca said...

Fantastic! Congratulations! (Love the balloon, btw)

Anonymous said...

What a great day! good for you. Enjoy

Jena H. Casbon said...

Congrats Dana!

Well deserved :-)

rocketmommy said...

Totally deserved! =)