Sunday, June 5, 2011

(Re)united and it feels so good . . .*

We had an awesome weekend. 

Our first ever weekend road trip since Maya was born, and Maya's first hotel stay.  On Friday night we drove to my sister's place, where Maya ran (and fell) in the yard with her cousins nonstop for 4 hours straight.   I would have taken pictures, but I don't think it would have been physically possible to get all of the kids in the same frame anyway . . . and I was too busy stuffing myself with lobster rolls and homemade desserts to try :)  The running may have overtired her a bit, as she cried hysterically for most of the remaining drive to the hotel. 

We were a little nervous about her sleeping abilities in hotel room port-a-crib (pack n play), but she was super psyched to see a "special crib":

My own room?!?  And a special crib?!?  This is fantastic!

Saturday morning we went over to an old friend's house for a brunch playdate . . . which sounds normal enough.  Except for the fact that we've never met before.  Or spoken on the phone.  She's a friend that I "met" online---a few years back, and have since traded email, chatted online, etc. 

I'm betting that half of the people reading this are thinking "Cool!  I wish I could meet up with some of my online friends!" and the other half are thinking "Isn't talking to strangers on the internet an activity reserved for homicidal maniacs and pedophiles?"  

But really, I'm lucky enough to have "met" a bunch of amazing online friends (remember those awesome cardboard party animals?  They came from one.  And when we needed extra scrabble tiles to add Parker's name to Dave's scrabble plaque another internet buddy sent some over.).  And besides just mailing me stuff (lol), these are people who celebrate each other's victories and lend a lot of support in times of struggles.  So don't knock "imaginary" friends until you've tested the waters.
Hello, friend.  (See, we don't look that weird.  No homicidial maniacs here.)

And Maya loved playing with some new friends, too.  Every time that we're around other kids I feel some inner part of me holding my breath for Maya.  A little voice that thinks "Will they think it's weird that she doesn't talk to them?  Or that she walks a little bit differently than they do?" But her two (adorable) girls were oh-so-ready to play with Maya . . . they ran, played with chalk, jumped (or bounced, in Maya's case) on a trampoline :) They had even learned some signs to do with her . . . how sweet is that?

Ok, ladies, we've got the chalk.  What's the game plan here?  A landscape scene?  Animals?  Scribbles, perhaps?
After brunch, it was on to my 10 year college reunion.  An afternoon of running on the green and catching up with friends, followed by an evening of dinner, drinks and on-campus fun.  My dad came up to babysit Maya at the hotel so we could have a child-free evening (and Dave's parents babysat Parker for the weekend, so we were dog-free as well).

We returned this morning and I went out to check the pigeon (I had a feeling the hatching would be soon, because some other pigeon was visiting last Thurs & Friday---I had never seen him/her before, and I thought it might be a sign that something was changing).  Sure enough, one of the eggs had hatched---apparently just before we got in---the chick was still wet and wiggly.

Baby pigeon butt sticking out from under mom, with the other (unhatched) egg in the foreground

I left the video camera running for a while, with the hopes of catching footage of the other egg hatching.  No dice, but I did get to see Mama Pigeon (MP) pushing the egg back under her, which was pretty cool:

I think I mentioned before that baby pigeons are seriously the weirdest looking animals ever---bright yellow, gangly, awkward.  You may have nightmares.  You've been warned.

I had to refill Parker's dog food container tonight, which really bugs MP (you may remember that this refilling procedure was what first outed her prescence to us).  Anyway, sure enough, she flew onto the terrace railing while I refilled . . . and of course, I had my camera and video camera ready just in case she decided to leave.  I slipped off my rings and put them next to the baby for a size comparison---it's tiny and so weird looking:

Here it is wiggling:

(Don't worry, MP was back on the nest as soon as I walked away.  She picked an unfortunately high traffic area for her nest, but she seems to have quickly gotten used to Dave and I puttering around.)

We're waiting to see if the other egg hatches too.  I feel like I don't have time to do any cool animal behavior stuff anymore, so the universe has brought me my own little case study, right onto my terrace :)

A fantastic trip from start to finish :)

In other news, Maya's ABR is on Tuesday.  I'm nervous, and I feel bad for her poor little unsuspecting self.  But I'm going to not think too much about it until tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

It was great to see you for real! We loved having you and the girls had a blast with Maya!

And *sniff, sniff* to the internet support. You rock!

Rebecca said...

Wow, baby pigeons really are quite bizarre looking! I had no idea.

Erin B said...

Try not to worry too much about the ABR. It will be over before you know it and the answers will be great to have. Maya is so stinkin' cute and getting big :)

Noelia said...

I love the captions u put under pictures. The one under the the picture of Maya and the two girls is my favorite :D