Friday, February 22, 2008

Yesterday was the best day ever

For real. It was a really good day. Here are some great things that happened:

1. My dad came over to paint the nursery. It had been all blue . . . but over the course of the day it went to half white/half blue and then settled on white and khaki with a blue stripe. The blue stripe is marking where the border is going to be hung.

The old room (before we moved in-those aren't our toys):

During painting:

The new and improved nursery:

2. We went to Babies 'R Us to order furniture for the nursery. We bought the crib and converter kits (for when we want it to be a bed one day). Then Dave's mom very generously bought us a glider & ottoman, and the crib mattress too! Both sets of grandparents made major contributions today :) (Furniture should be coming in 3 weeks or so)

3. My old car got towed away---this one was bittersweet. We donated it to charity. Dave cleaned it out in the morning and took pictures of saying goodbye. I wanted to take a picture of the tow truck taking it away but I got all teary and felt like a big baby so I had to leave.

Dave was not sad to say goodbye:

I was:

But the new car is nice (I have to get a better picture of it):

4. After all of this goodness, THEN a box of nursery accessories that I ordered arrived! Putting up the border is going to be a big project, but putting up the light switch plate was easy--look how cute it is:

5. Another mini-victory happened too: we lost the automatic car starter, which we has just had installed in our new car. Without the little key chain thing, the starter doesn't work. If you lose it, you have to get an entirely new started installed, so we were bummed. But miraculously at the end of the day, after searching the car, the street, the office we had been to, etc. it appeared!

Baby Update

We're now 27 weeks along, and the baby is about 14.5 inches long and slightly over 2 lbs! I'm starting to feel big and pregnant. My back hurts, one of my feet hurt (who knows why), and . . . drumroll please . . . I'm starting to waddle. Yes, waddle. It's charming.


grandma said...

the pictures with the old car are hysterical!! the nursery looks great--dad did a good job. and how nice of helaine to get you those wonderful things for baby nieder!! it definately was a good day!

lisa said...

great pics, sounds like a great day!!!! dad is a master painter! and a glider will be wonderful for those late night feedings!

oh yeh, HAHA you WADDLE!!!!!!!! ;)