Sunday, February 24, 2008

Name poll

I'm putting up a boy's name poll and a girl's name poll. The beauty of the poll is that it's multiple choice, so you can just pick an option anonymously and that's that. My feelings won't be hurt if you don't like the names . . . but these are 4 names that are in the running, to various degrees (we're struggling to come up with boy's names, but we like the girl's names a lot).

Have fun voting, and you can comment to this post if you have other suggestions (no names that start with the letter "D" though--we don't want to be trapped into D names for any future kids).


kris said...

I LOVE Harper, I love the significance of Harper and I wanted to vote for it...but Harper Nieder is a lot of "R" for me. Maya is fabulous as well, so I voted "both."

For the boy, I voted Finn, though Wyatt's ok too.

lisa said...

i really like both girl names... both were on our list at one point for Em. For the boys, once again I like them both... would Finn be short for something? or would it just be Finn?

Anonymous said...

how about tess or tessa for a girl

Anonymous said...

boy name--Carson

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I actually voted for Maya, but I wanted to point out that if you have a name that ends in "A" with Nieder, then people always think your name is Anita. No matter how slowly, or how seperately I say my first and last name "This is Laura (pause, pause, pause) Nieder", people always end up saying "Oh, Anita?" Um, no.

Dana said...

Replies :)

1. Yeah, I thought about the whole HarpER NiedER thing. But I didn't pick my last name, and to me it's not a good enough reason to throw Harper away :)

2. Finn could be by itself or could be short for Finnian. Finn Nieder kind of sounds like one word if you say it too fast.

3. Tessa is not my cup of tea.

4. To me, Carson is a girl's name more than a boy's name.

5. Unfortunately, I can not control for the stupidity of other people (like the whole Anita thing). If I could, I would change the world :) (Anita? people can be really dumb)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Imagine spelling out his email address with 3 N's. ie.,

If you like harpER niedER, how about PetER NiedER?

Dana said...

The elusive triple "n"! That's almost reason enough to use the name Finn :)

Seriously thought, most of the names that I like end in "n" or "er". And I'm not going to start liking gross names just because n's in a row look funny, or we'll have a singsongy -er -er.