Thursday, September 1, 2011

We are the crazy neighbors

Yesterday afternoon Maya & I took Parker to the dog park.  We marveled at the tree limbs that came down during the hurricane (I tweeted one of these pics yesterday, so if you follow me on Twitter @UncommonBlogger it probably looks familiar):

Dave met us there after work, and after leaving the park we decided to divide and conquer---- I took Maya to the grocery store and he took Parker to go pick up a pizza (BBQ chicken, my favorite).  We met again outside of our building and clumsily loaded into the elevator---Dave, Maya, me, Parker, a few bags of groceries, a pizza, and Dave's bags from school.   We got to our floor, and in the door, and I busied myself in putting away the groceries while Dave got Maya into her seat for dinner.  Pizza & salad served, we were sitting and eating and talking . . . . and then the doorbell rang.

We exchanged puzzled glances and Dave got up to open the door . . . I was ready to hear our across-the-hall neighbors scold us (once again) for leaving our keys in the door (which I do about once a month, and I feel like an idiot every time). 

As it turned out, this time we didn't forget our keys.

We forgot our dog.


The door opened and Parker wandered in (with his leash still on) and the neighbor had a confused conversation with Dave (who was equally confused).  In my Parker training, I taught him not to bound through doorways (which is important, since I usually walk him and the stroller together, and I don't want to get pulled around).  I guess in our confusion, neither one of us noticed that Parker was sitting and waiting for us to say "Ok, come on in, Parker".  

The neighbor told us that he was just sitting by the elevator.  She got out and he looked at her and kept waiting, and she thought maybe she should bring him to us and see what's going on.

After she left, Dave said "Seriously, what would we think if we had neighbors who regularly left their keys in the door, and then one night we came home to see their pet roaming the hallway?  We would think that they were totally nuts.  They would be 'the crazy neighbors'."

So, I guess that's us. 

Sorry, Parker.


Carla Baechtle said...

hahah that is AWESOME. what a good dog Parker is--I feel like he would have sat there all night until you ran into him the next morning on your way out!

Rebecca said...

So glad you shared this story! First time I have laughed that hard in a while. Parker is an amazingly well trained/behaved dog to stay there. If you were my neighbors I would not consider you crazy, though I might consider you comic relief.

Anonymous said...

Great story, Good boy Parker!

Sarah said...

Okay, that is hilarious!

Stacy said...

Ah, that made me laugh- thanks!! And we used to leave our keys in the door all the time when we lived in the apartment. He is so well trained!! Too funny!