Sunday, September 11, 2011

First time riding on the school bus!

Last Thursday was the first day of preschool---I drove Maya in, and picked her up at the end of the day.

On Friday, I drove her into school in the morning and she took the bus home at the end of the day.  Dave came home early and we waited together (semi-nervously) for the bus to arrive with our big, independent, bus-riding 3 year old.

Can you feel the excitement?

Dave had the video camera and I had the regular camera and we waited and waited . . . and then . . . 



No it wasn't.

That's cool.  Now we just look like crazy people who stand in front of our building and take pictures of school buses.  No big deal.

But a few minutes later . . .

That's it! For real! 
(Notice Dave---we have no shame, people.  We are the crazy first time parents who are documenting every moment.)

Look at her smiling little face!

She was surprised and happy to see us, and as the bus matron walked her out to me I could tell that she was happy, but confused.  Like, I'm home?  The bus brought me to Mommy and Daddy?  Wait, I'm getting off the bus now?

Dave took some video.  If you watch her expressions when she's in my arms, she kept looking towards the bus, like It's leaving?  Is that the end?  Is it coming back?  This whole thing is a little startling! (Also, I had spent the past 3 hours cleaning, so please forgive my no make-up'd, stringy hair-ed appearance.)

Tomorrow morning she'll be riding the bus both to and from school!  Truth be told, this is the first thing that I'm nervous about----I'm worried that she'll be scared and cry when I hand her off to the lady on the bus, and when she sees that I'm still outside when the bus pulls away :(  I hope she does ok.  I'll be anxiously awaiting her arrival in the afternoon so I can ask how it all went.


Jo-Anne said...

That was so adorable! I hope her first time on both trips works out. She is so cute smiling out the window. I love it. =)

Erica said...

you guys are too funny. I love it. :) so sweet.

Mary McCormack said...

She looks very happy to see you but she also might have wanted to go back on the bus.