Friday, November 26, 2010

Time slips away, and leaves you with nothing, mister . . . *

I haven't written since Monday?  Really?  Well, that's what happens.  Dave gets a week off from work, projects take over, time slips away, and the blog gets bumped down on the list of priorities.

We've been having a great week :)

We had some therapies on Monday and Tuesday, but canceled them all for Weds-Thurs-Fri.  3 days of blissful unscheduledness.  I'm sure that Maya misses her buddies, but it's nice to have the time off.    We've hung out with family (both sides), Maya's gotten to play with both sets of grandparents, 3/4 of her aunts & uncles, and 5 out of 7 cousins.  We've played, ran errands, and created another fantastic holiday card---coming soon to mailboxes nationwide :)

Oh, and we picked up these:

AHHHHHH!  (that's the angels singing) 

If your a real life friend of mine, or a regular reader, you might know that I have a thing with iced coffee.  I have 2 per day (ok, occasionally 3).  It has to be iced, has to be strong, has to be in a large (venti, whatver) cup.   A few years back Starbucks made these reusable iced coffee cups, which flew off the Starbucks shelves----and unfortunately, flew off of my desk at school, cracking mine straight down the side.  (Dave ordered a replacement for me from Thailand.  Seriously.)  Since then, we try to have a few back-ups on hand.  They only come out twice a year (holidays and summer) and don't last long.  So we grabbed 2 new ones this week.

And then, my fabulous sister-in-law brought me a blue one!  Blue! Someday I'll have all the colors of the rainbow.

And we even got this teeny tiny Christmas tree ornament cup :)  It's too cute (and perfect)!

(If you like iced coffee, a cup like this is really worth getting---it's double walled, so no water beads up on the outside of it.  More importantly, it's reusable (good for the planet).  AND, I just make a pot of coffee and then keep it in the fridge (in a Tupperware style pitcher) so it's cheap and always on hand.)

On the other end of the relaxed spectrum, this week we will be SERIOUSLY OVERBOOKED.  (That's in all caps because it's a scary, intimidating week.)  Maya will have her full schedule of therapies, plus a pediatrician appointment (2.5 year check-up) plus 3 evaluations for CPSE.   I'll explain what that means some time this week, but for now just know that it's stressing me out.

So we will be completely booked, from breakfast until dinner, nearly every day this week. 

Monday: (breakfast/walk Parker) Therapy A: 8:30-9:30,  (walk or dog park, lunch) Therapy B:11:30-12:10, (nap) Therapy C: 3:15-4, (snack) Therapy D: 4:30-5:15 (dinner, play, bed)

Tuesday: (breakfast, dog park) Therapy A in Manhattan with travel time 9:45-12, (nap), Therapy B: 3:15-4, (snack, walk in lobby) Therapy C: 4:45-5:30  (dinner, play, bed)

Wednesday: (breakfast, dog park) Therapy A in Manhattan with travel time 9:45-12, (nap), Therapy B: 3:15-4, (snack) Psychological Evaluation 4:30-?  (eat, play, bed)

Thursday: (breakfast, walk Parker) Music class: 9:30-10:15 (walk home, snack, play) Therapy A: 11:30-12:15, Pediatrician 12:30, (nap, walk Parker) Speech/feeding evaluation 4-? (eat, play, bed)

Friday: (breakfast, walk Parker) Therapy A: 8:30-9:30, Psychological evaluation 10:30-? (lunch, nap) Freedom!

I'm sure that I'm not alone on this front---sometimes it's really hard to explain to people how we "don't have any free time" even though Maya's little and I'm a stay at home mom.  Our free time really exists in 30-60 min blocks, which isn't quite long enough for a play date or lunch or whatever.  It can be really isolating.

So those are all of my random, strung together thoughts on the past week.  Oh, and I should include this, which was our Facebook status on Thanksgiving Eve, in case you didn't see it:

A year ago today we were having Maya's brain MRI done. This year we had breakfast and dinner with family, ran some errands, and enjoyed a therapy free day. Sometimes a year makes a big difference :) Happy thanksgiving, everyone.

Hope you all had great Thanksgivings!

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