Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween . . . a post from Maya

For Halloween I got to be a Happy Cowgirl, and Parker got to be a Mostly Miserable (but Considerably Compliant) Horse.  With an amazing home-made saddle that my mom will be sure to post a close-up picture of soon.

Parker needed to graze in the field (or Grandma & Grandpa's front yard) like a real horse

Mommy, this is not a good idea.

Parker!  Get back here!  You can't run with me on your back!

Mommy, stop laughin'.  This is ridiculous.

Daddy, you can't get on Parker, too!  You're too heavy!  And my belly's hangin' out. So embarrassing. 

PARKER!  Stand up!  They will not give up until we get a stupid picture.

Again?  That's it.  I'm just going to lay down.

Stop laughin' at me, Mommy!

Then Dad wanted pictures of me standing alone.   . . .  Hello?  I don't really do standing alone, remember?

I'm doing it!  And I look like a rockstar!

My happy family!

I had the best Halloween ever!

Mom says that actually, the afternoon was less fun, with trick or treating weighed down by my walking stroller (figuratively, when I couldn't keep up, and literally, when she had to carry me and the stroller) . . . and then I may have had screaming meltdowns when we tried to go in and out of the stores.  I didn't want to leave any of the stores.  Anyway, I think that's all normal toddler stuff, so she should quit complaining.


Angela said...

She sure is a cute cowgirl!

We had to use the stroller w our Benjamin, too. He only lasted two houses walking with us, but seemed to do better once in the stroller.

Jaymi said...

Love the pictures- they had me laughing out loud! We used a wagon which went pretty well. When Sammie did make it up to the houses she wanted to go inside and visit with everyone! Halloween is tough for a toddler to understand! But the costumes are so much fun. :)

JC said...

This was so cute!!!

Kristi said...

Your daughter is beautiful and so very precious!! ..I am mom to a special little girl too; I have a nonverbal 6 year old daughter with classic autism. While we did get a diagnosis quickly so I can't relate to the pain of that uncertainty, I can certainly relate to the anxiety of the special needs parenthood road. It has been and still is tough at times, but there's a true blessing in the new perspective we've been given, don't you think?
Obviously, I have zero medical training but just wanted to throw this out there? Have they tested your daughter for mitochondrial disease? I think this is diagnosed via a tissue sample? As I said before, she is a cutie pie and I love the pure joy that radiates from her! Best wishes. Please email if I can be of support in any way.

lisa said...

great pics!!! i was laughing at dana laughing in the pictures... looked like that true laugh-til-tears type of laugh!!! :)

Colleen H said...

The pictures were great - Maya and Parker looked so cute - Glad you all enjoyed Halloween.

lisa said...

PS i always think maya looks so much like dana... that last picture she looks like the perfect combo of dana and dave! adorable picture!!!! :)

Jasper said...

This bog was incredible! I can only get 2 shots of the kids before mayhem ensues! But orchestrated mayhem? Genius.


Tiffany said...

How fun and what a great memory!!

Zachary Rouleau said...

How can't we laugh looking at those funny pictures!!! Maya is sure a cute cowgirl!! Zac was a cowboy too...Woody, to be more precise! He loved Halloween with his friends!

Angel hugs

Cheryl (in Buffalo) said...

What a cutie!! And, WOO HOO to Maya for standing alone for the photo ops!!!!

Dana said...

Thanks everyone---they do make a cute pair, don't they?

Angela & Jaymi---the stroller would have worked out well out in NJ . . . but here, going from apartment to apartment it just seemed silly. She was a fan of putting candy in her pumpkin, but since she can't eat any of it we didn't do too much trick or treating.

Kristi-we haven't tested for mitochondrial things, primarily because (if I understand correctly) most metabolix syndromes present as a stop or regression in development. Maya makes steady progress---it's just slower than usual.

Mary said...

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