Friday, August 6, 2010

Vermont bound :)

Tomorrow we head out for a fabulous week-ish in Vermont  :)  We are excited to unplug (slightly, less time online), unwind, and enjoy life at a slightly slower pace. 

Highlights will likely be: my favorite sandwich at the Red Onion in Burlington, Ben & Jerry's factory, Magic Hat factory, Shelburne Farm (where Maya will love the animals), watering (and eating) from my SIL's (that's sister-in-law's, for all of you non message board folks) garden, playing Scrabble, letting Parker run in the field, and enjoying general sillyness.  Possible bonuses include free time to nap, read, and maybe finish writing my little essay.

Any friends in the Burlington area?  Great suggestions of things that we shouldn't miss?

Hopefully I'll post at least one update from the road :)  I imagine that the Facebook page will get more frequent updates/uploads from my phone----so if you're not already a fan, become one now!


grandma said...

so glad you can get away---i love new england!! relax, have fun and enjoy yourselves!!!!oh, and take lots of pics too :-)

Ms Foroudi said...

Whatever you do, do NOT leave Burlington without a meal at Penny Cluse (sp?) Cafe. It's awesome. I highly recommend the totally random green, cream-based sauce. It sounds vile, but it's delicious!

I love that town - enjoy the trip!