Tuesday, August 10, 2010

. . . and a cluck, cluck there . . . (VT, Day 3)

Yesterday you got a look at Maya's super psyched car ride to Shelburne Farms.  She is all about the cow statues here in Vermont, and we were excited to re-introduce her to the very sweet big brown cow at the farm.  Turned out that Maya doesn't much care about real cows . . . we didn't even get a picture. 

But the tractor ride out to the farm was fun:

And she got to meet some furry guys . . .

Before the CHICKEN PAR-ADE (imagine me singing that, a la "Ta-DA!").  Yep, the chicken parade.  It happens when a farmer (or teenager who works on the farm) opens up a magic trapdoor in the side of the barn, with a ramp leading into the field.  The chickens, who spend their evenings in the barn, are all pleased as punch that the magic door has opened, and march down proudly into the yard.  As Maya is a fan of moving animals, we knew she'd need a front row view for the parade:

Well, hello there.

Come on chickies, right this way!!!

I'm not sure if I would rather touch you . . .

 . . . or eat you . . .

(that's Maya's sign for eat, which cracked me up as she eyed the chickens)

So much fun, I can't stand it!

(I was there too, see?)

And I caught a chicken for Maya . . . but she was nearly chickened out by then:

Today's adventures included a trip to an aquarium that wasn't really an aquarium, and a near death experience at the blueberry farm.  Stay tuned for all that and more :)

Safety PS
Hey, parents & grandparents, did you know that many of the most well-intentioned adults still make mistakes when installing and using carseats?  A friend of mine, and car seat expert, emailed me after checking out our (adorable) video yesterday because she noticed that her chest strap was not ideally positioned. 

Chest straps should lay from armpit-to-armpit, right across the nipple line (as if you are "connecting the dots" is a helpful way to remember it).  So check out your car seats, people!  And remember to keep your kids rear-facing as long as possible (check your car seat limits, but "age 1 or 20 lbs" is pretty antiquated now, many seats can be rear facing up to 35 lbs---Maya switched after she had turned 2.)

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