Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 10 of 2012

A year in review: I present to you the top 10 blog posts of 2012, as determined by number of comments per post (excluding contests).  It was fun putting this together, reminiscing about the year that's gone by.  I couldn't resist re-reading them all and remembering.

10. Talking in '12: In which I reflect on years past and set a goal for 2012.

9.  Stop telling me that "things are going to be so hard": In which I lose my patience for, and speak bluntly about, the people who seem bent on pointing out a cloud around my silver lining.

8. The search is over. We've found our communication solution.:  In which we discover the app that will become Maya's voice.

7. Necessity is the mother of invention:  In which we create a makeshift solution to prevent accidental hits on the iPad.

6. Irreparable Harm:  In which we join with two other families to take legal action and protect the communication app that our children are using.

5. Stand Up: In which I spread the story of another special needs mom who was asking for help in fighting on behalf of her daughter.

4. Maya could be a lot of things . . . : In which we share the news that Maya would become a big sister before the year was through.

The Mom I Would Have Been: In which I reflect on, and mourn the loss of, the mom I
would have been if my situation had been “typical.”

2. David v. Goliath, AAC style: In which I tell the story of the lawsuit that was attempting to eliminate Maya’s voice.

1. The Silencing of Maya: In which Maya’s communication app is removed from the iTunes store, and it becomes time to fight back.

On to 2013 . . .


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Heri said...

Farewell in 2012 hopefully what happened in the last year could make us better in this new year 2013. Welcome new year 2013