Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter & the zoo

If you aren't following the blog on Facebook, you've missed out on a few things recently.  First, I've put up some cute pictures (some of which you'll see here).  Second, today I posted a (not-at-all-graphic) play by play of the excitement that we had during day 1 of our attempt at potty training.  Third, I spent Saturday morning in the emergency room because I couldn't breathe, and it turned out that I had croup (aka laryngotracheitis aka no-one-gets-that-after-they're-like-5-years-old, right?). 

Between trying to recover, allergy attacks, potty training boot camp (well, not really), and school being closed for the week, I don't have the time to really write.  Instead, pictures:

Collecting eggs is fun . . .

But not as fun as BUBBLES!

(Parker was a big fan of the bubbles, too.  He was like a bubble pac-man.)

Then, on Monday we went to the zoo . . .

Impressively, her love for alligators remains as strong as ever, months after it started.  She just adores them.

Alligators!  I see them!

This was when she saw that one was swimming towards her :)



Amber said...

I think they need to get an alligator on that merry-go-round!

Wandering Heart said...

She's so unbelievably cute.

grandma said...

sat morn--not so much fun. easter---lots of fun :-) and it looks like you had tons of fun at the zoo too

the mommy psychologist said...

Looks like you had a great Easter.