Saturday, July 24, 2010

Date night & change of (email) address

Last night my wonderful husband set up a date night for us!  (Thanks to his parents for babysitting Miss Maya & making it possible.)  We headed out to the Melting Pot, which is an old favorite of mine (I first encountered it when I was living down in Baltimore).  I love interactive food, I love long, multi-course meals, I love being out and relaxed :)

(FYI, that's a wine flight in front of me---3 smaller tasting glasses of wine.  Although I like to cut loose, I don't sit down for dinner and order wine 3 glasses at a time.)

Also, I changed our contact information . . . we now have a brand new fancy blog email address.  You can contact us at: :)  Please contact us.  Let me know your thoughts, comments, questions, etc.  Some bloggers do occasional posts where they answer reader's questions, but I have no questions to answer.  I know you people are out there, feel free to shout us out.

Oh, and there are also all of these buttons underneath the posts.  They're supposed to make it easier to spread the word and share posts that you enjoyed.  Do you have friends with a child with special needs, or someone losing their hair, or you just think we're so fab you want the world to know?  Then use one of the buttons and spread the love.

(I think the buttons would be particularly helpful to share a post that you found to be amusing, like this one, which is the blog's most popular page to date!)


grandma said...

so glad you were able to get out to the melting pot. i know how much you like it---too bad you both ate so much you were ready to explode!!!

Queen Amy said...

Chuck and I used to get positively giddy when we had "date night" (no family here; had to wait until my mom came out to visit from NY). So glad that you had a chance to go out and enjoy a wonderful meal (despite filling your bellies just a little too much)! Funny, as empty nesters we're still giddy about date night!