Monday, April 6, 2009

Today we had Maya's case review. Although not surprising, it's somewhat demoralizing to go through each evaluation (5 in all) and hear that she's operating at about a 5 month level. Therapies will likely be 2-3 times a week, for a total of 6-8 sessions per week. A lot of appointments. I'm not feeling chipper, that's all I've got today.

Here are 2 parting videos, in case you're not a friend of mine on Facebook (I posted them to Facebook last week). These are great :)


kris said...

Sesame Street rocks.

Hang in there! You guys are handling all of this so well, but you don't need to be chipper all the time. Sending lots of good thoughts and hope that the therapists will be just what Miss Maya needs!

lisa said...

that sucks, don't you wish they'd just focus on how cute she is!

once you settle into the therapy routine it will be welcome visits and you'll meet some amazing people and learn some great techniques. setting up everything is daunting, but she'll do great with it all. if you need any help, moral or physical let me know, i'm around.

Collin Michael said...

"Oh my goodness, is that Elmo's world on baby Maya's computer place... hey, is he at baby Maya's house?!? CAN WE GO TO BABY MAYA'S HOUSE?!?!?!?!"

grandma said...

first,you find the greatest pics and videos!!!but i notice that you didn't put a disclaimer under that little girl's(with paul simon)pic that it wasn't maya!! lol you guys are doing great, we're all there for any help you need. maya is such a happy little girl, she'll have lots of new friends playing with her!