Monday, June 2, 2008

Maya's here!

Maya Grace was born on Friday, May 30th at 2:40 pm. She was 7 lbs, 7 oz (either their measurements were way off or those milkshakes paid off!) and 20.5" long. She has Dave's lips and my hands and feet, and pretty long hair. Labor was challening (but that's to be expected) and we've had some feeding challenges that have left me pretty exhausted (we're having to formula feed and pump right now---which takes twice the time per feeding), but we're progressing every day and happy to be at home as a family.

Soon I'll write up our birth story and explain more about her silly tongue (she loves playing with it).

Dave takes 10,000 pictures a day, here are some of them: (I need to upload the camera, so you can see more of Dave & Maya too)

Heading to the hospital:

Early labor:

Excuse my paleness and how crappy I look in the rest of the pictures. I'm exhausted (still) and have been a little pale since everything went down:

These pics are from 6/1, when she came home from the hospital.
Look how little her head is compared to mine (and how much healthier her color is!):


Lisa said...

I LOVE MY NIECE!!! Congratulations! She is adorable!!! I can't wait to see even more pictures and I am so excited that she and Emerson will be little playmates! :) YAY!!!

kris said...

She is beauteous beyond words! Congrats to everyone! I look forward to meeting her :)

grandma said...

maya is such a sweet, precious little baby. even in the hospital, they said she was so peaceful!!we are thrilled to welcome this adorable addition to our family!

Wicked Banter said...

You are all so beautiful. I am so happy for you and Dave! Please keep sharing the funny little things as time goes on...

all the best

Colleen Hauser said...

Congratulations to you and Dave on your beautiful daughter. Dana, I'm glad the worst is over for you get to enjoy her. I thought you looked great and VERY happy, can't wait to see the newest Neider. Congratulations again and many, many happy times.