Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Maya & I sing

Some weeks are hard and filled with sadness.

If I had to write something now, it would be . . . well, it wouldn't be uplifting.

Instead, I'll let Maya sing. She loves calendars, the days of the week, schedules, the weather, etc.  I think she could likely run "morning meeting" if her teacher was absent. The other day I decided to pause during the  "days of the week" song (sung to the tune of the Addams Family theme song) and see if she filled in the gaps, and she did.

Here we are, waiting for the school bus, dancing around, and singing a little duet.


Wandering Heart said...

When I first started reading your blog, she was just starting to make sounds! This is so much fun to watch.

Laurelsmom said...

Thanks for sharing! I really needed that this week

Susan said...

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