Friday, June 15, 2012

The Silencing: Links Round-Up

Here's a list of articles, discussions, etc. that have come my way since Monday, when I put up The Silencing of Maya.  It's difficult to find everything that's out there, since many of these articles are repeated on various news aggregator sites.  I'll try to keep this semi-up-to-date.

First, the link to our petition on asking that Speak for Yourself be returned to the App Store immediately and allowed to remain there throughout litigation and regardless of the lawsuit results. Business disputes should have business resolutions, and those who need this app to communicate should be assured that they will not lose it. (If you agree, please sign and share-thanks!)

*= article added on 6/18
**=article added on 6/21
***=article added on 6/30

Articles in the US
iPad App That Helpts a Little Girl Speak Pulled From App Store (from
Speak for Yourself, iPad App Giving Voiceless A Voice, Exits App Store (from
App Store enigma: the patent holder, the developer, and the voiceless child (from
App To Help A Three Year Old Girl Talk Pulled From App Store (from
Apple Steps Into Patent Fight To Unnecessarily Silence A Little Girl (from
Apple Pulls App That Gives Disabled Children The Chance To Speak (from
Taking More than Candy from a Baby (from
iPad app removal could leave family unable to communicate with daughter (from
Assistive Speech app for iOS casualty of patent wars? (from
Speech app pulled from App Store that gave 4 year old a voice for the first time (from
Parents, Storming the Gates (from
Dispute Erupts As iPad App For Nonverbal Is Pulled (from
*Apple, Software Patents, AAC Systems, and the Silencing of Maya (from
*Nurse Kelley Sez: ACTION! Please save an app for nonverbal kids! (from
*Bad Behavior And How it Threatens Internet Business (from
**Apple, You've Done Kids With Special Needs Wrong (from
**Petition to save speech app for disabled child nears 3,000 signatures (from
**Apple pulls language app in face of patent dispute (from
**Patent wars threaten iPad app that gives a little girl her voice (from
***Why Did Apple Pull An App Designed To Help Autistic Children Speak? (from
***Speak for Yourself app might make iPad comeback, report says (from
***The Latest in Apps: Speak for Yourself (from
***Special Needs Parents vs. . . . Patent Law? (from

Apple silences mute kids' speech app in patent blowup (from, UK)
Apple conspires to stop mute child from communicating (from, UK?)
'My daughter can't speak without it': Furious mother launches campaign after Apple pulls life-changing iPad speech app from store (from, UK)
Dutch article (from
French article (from
Portuguese article  (from
*Russian article (from
*Italian article (from
**Italian article (from
**Greek article (from
**Spanish article (from
***French article (from
***French article (from
***French article (from
***French article (from
***French article (from
***French article (from
***Dutch article (from
***French article (from
***Indian website (from
***Apple will only reinstate mute kids' app if makers win patent case (from

From the Blogosphere
A heartbreaking look at software patents  (from
I love you Daddy (from
Maya's story: Everyone deserves a voice (from
My daughter cannot speak without this app (from
*A little girl without a voice (from
*A silencing lawsuit (from
*A Day Without Lawyers (from
**Let Maya Speak for Herself (from
**Speak For Yourself Is A IPad App That Can Help Aphasia (from
**Assistive iPad App Pulled (from
**Prentke Romich Company vs. A Disabled 4 Year Old Girl (from
***The Fight to Keep a Voice (from

Online Discussions (more technical in nature)
Discussion on Slashdot (over 500 comments)
Discussion on Hacker News (over 300 comments)
Discussions on Reddit (multiple threads)

**A segment from ABC news in Alabama

Other Stuff
**Idyllic Software: This company changed their main website page in support of Maya


CharlesRCLaw said...

Article I wrote about Maya's case on Daily Kos under my screen name there, "David Hume."

Apple, Software Patents, AAC Systems, and the Silencing of Maya

Alessandro said...

I wrote the original post on tumblr that you linked! It has 192 notes now, and has some really good replies. A lot of people have reblogged it.

(Sorry to delete the first one, I forgot to add the link)

Dana said...

Thanks Alessandro---I don't know much about tumblr or reblogging, but I appreciate what you wrote and the fact that it's spreading! I just changed the link to give you the appropriate credit :)

Will Kriski (Potato Strong) said...

You have inspired me to work on an open source web-based app. Thanks and good luck!

Michael Brown said...

Just to let you know that the article you said you didn't know the language of is in Portuguese (from Brazil).

Anonymous said...

Dana, I found the info about "business solutions" on Speak for Yourself's facebook page. My bad!

Charles Chapman said...

I uploaded the ABC 33 40 video to Youtube and added links and text:

Parents Upset Over Removal of Ipad App for Nonverbal Children

Anonymous said...

french speaking,14961.html