Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An interview with Maya, and Halloween, too

The busy-ness continues on this end.  Thus far the week has brought: a visit with family visiting from out of town, a meeting with an assitive tech consultant, a nearly 3 hour job interview (same job, second round of interviews), Halloween excitement, trick-or-treating, an OT parent workshop, a support group meeting, and too much time spent in the city.

Still to come between now and Friday: meeting one of my imaginary internet friends for the first time (hooray!), feeding therapy, a trip to the records department of the children's hospital (ugh), and a meeting with the representative from one of the communication device companies.

I'm a week behind in my assignments for my writing class, and blogging has fallen to the side.  There's just not enough time at the moment.  Evenings have been for catching up on email, replacing tiles in the word book, and planning/organizing.

Project Communication continues to march on, with exciting results.  It's working.  Maya's becoming more communicative---and not just with the word book or the iPad, but kind of overall.  She's making more sounds, she's pulling me around the apartment and putting things in my hands to tell me things.  It really seems as if she is suddenly realizing "Hey!  I want to say things, and these people are trying to listen."  She's getting a voice (and a multi-modal one at that).

Listen for yourself :)

Here's a little interview with Maya that I shot this morning while we were waiting for the bus.   If you stick with it until the end, you'll see a bit of bonus Halloween footage (and the iPad, briefly).

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